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Country » India
State » Madhya Pradesh
District » Ujjain
Coordinates » 23.182778°N 75.777222°E
Population (2011) » 515,215(Total)
Pin Code » 456010
Telephonecode » 0734
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ujjain  Ujjain Climate


climateUjjain experiences a warm sub-tropical climate, typical of the interior Indian subcontinent. Summer starts in late March with temperatures rising to 45°C at its peak in May. In addition, hot winds (called loo) may blow in the afternoons, adding to the discomfort. The monsoon arrives in the middle of June and continues till early October. About 870mm (35 inches) of precipitation is received during those months, However in some years it crosses more than 40 inches.

The rest of October generally is very warm and with high humidity. Winter starts in the middle of November and is pleasant and cool with daytime temperatures typically 20°C, though temperatures can drop significantly in the night. January takes chilli winds (called Sheet-lehar) with it, and sometimes daytime temperature rise only up to 15-17°C, and minimum temperature fall to 3°C, 1.4°C is the lowest temperature recorded in the city in January 2011. The morning dew in the outskirts of the city, and fields and farms turns ice because of some nights of freezing points, which results in damaged crops almost every year.

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