line image Gambhir Dam

line image Introduction

Ghambhir Dam is the dam from where water suplies to Ujjian City.This a very big dam of ujjain city.This is also a very famous picnic spot of ujjain city.On the sunday there are many people enjoy their picnic.

line image About Of Gambhir Dam
1. Name of Dam :- Gambhi Dam
2. Year of Completion :- 1991
3. Catchment Area in :- 1152
4. Gross Capacity in Th. Cum:- 637200
5. Live Capacity in Th. Cum :- 6372
6. Spillway Capacity in Th. Cum:- 6950
7. Hight of Dam in m :- 32
8. Length of Dam in m :- 1230
9. Volume of Dam in Th.Cum :- 637200

line image HOW TO REACH Gambhir Dam
Gambhir dam is situated on the badnagar road ujjain.We will have to preserve Moter Bike or own Vichel to reach Gambhir Dam.

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