line image Shri Dattatreya Akhara

line image Introduction
Shri Dattatreya Akhara (Hindi: श्री दत्तात्रेय अखाड़ा) or Datta Akhara is a Hindu Monastery, located in Ujjain on the very place where Lord Dattatreya taught his disciples in Treta Yuga.

line image History
The Akhada is located on the place where Lord Dattatreya in Treta Yuga taught his disciples. AdiGuru Shankaracharya re-established the Akhada with the padukas of Lord Dattatreya about 2500 years ago. The main aim of the establishment is protection of Sanatana Dharma. Around 1926, the Akhara was rebuilt in the condition seen today by SandhyaPuriji Maharaj. At different times in previous millenia, it was also called Juna Akhara.
line image Address
Datta Ghat, Ujjain 456006, Madhya Pradesh, India

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